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don’t waste your energy, invest it

Reach Out by xxwingxx“Don’t waste your energy being frantic, use that same amount of energy to press in and trust God, and you will see results in your life.”
Joyce Meyer
God Is Faithful & True


a simple story of a visit

Adrian & Lynn from Bible Alive teaching MinistryFrom time to time Adrian Tamblyn-Watts’ blog moves away from writing about his life or theology, at these times he produces touching allegories… seemingly simple stories which actually house deep truths (an example would be C.S. Lewis’ Narnia series).

I’ve also heard Adrian minister in this way at Bible Alive Teaching Ministry and it is incredibly powerful… for this reason I was excited to find he had written a new allegorical blog post entitled Temple Visit… here is an excerpt: 

“As I went down the steps on the outside, it was as if the entire building sighed. I was sure I could hear voices within, not angry, not sad; in fact, I am not sure what emotion was being expressed – I just felt so loved, so wanted, so desired – yet, for today at least, so out of reach.”

If you enjoy good writing and are open to having your heart touched then I encourage you to read Temple Visit today.

i frustrate myself

16:18 by AmensPicturaI am getting really short-fused with myself over my laziness.

I know my calling, to be a teacher of the Word (Ephesians 4:11), but I find it so easy to procrastinate, to allow non essentials to crowd my mind and actions till I sit again at midnight, head in hands, pained over the lost time.

Please don’t think this frustration is born out of a sense of duty, rather it is my desire to study and write, I enjoy getting lost in truths and mysteries of the Bible and its surrounding litertature.

All I can do is repeat my prayer “Lord, please help me with this.” and to myself “Grow up mister, make a decision and stand by it.”.

Having the ability to make a choice means taking responbility for the choices you make… this might sound obvious but too many people avoid standing by the consequences of their choices.

I believe one of the greatest disservices  done in life is to lie to oneself, and then choosing to believe that lie. When we can face the truth of who we are then there is very little in life we can’t face in total honesty, and then learn from.

For me it means living with the frustration I feel until I get tired enough of it to make a new decision.

there’s always something good

Being someone with an unrealised/unhoned artistic ability I became an avid fan of, which is not some low brow porn site regardless of its url, a site where creatives of all genres, and skill levels, come together to share their art.

My problem to date has been that, as with any place where people have freedom of expression, there is an overabundance of blasphemy, general foul language and… nuditysmutartistic imagery.

Tip: The best way to avoid these art types is to not register an account but visit as a guest where it blocks out adult imagery as it has not age verified you. This so called security measure is baloney anyway but thats for a different day, for now they meet the legal requirements so thats that.

What I was blessed to find today was an artist who produced Bible based art work and posted uplifting Word based writings in his Journal.

If you’re interested in some great comic book Bible story art and reading someone who writes well about his faith please visit Eikonik at

just go, you might enjoy yourself

excuse my thorns i do't mean itHad a great day today – I met some new people and had an enjoyable afternoon with them.

Not a grand proclamaition I know but it’s just that even though I am known to be someone who can speak to anyone, working in online media sales and being a bible teacher will give people that idea, the truth is I feel rather awkward when it comes to meeting new people.

The old adage of “the best defense is a good offense” rings true for me… not wanting to show my discomfort I usually spring into action making jokes and being silly, all in all being so noticeable that no one takes notice of me.

Well not today, thanks to my amazing wife I got meet some of her twitter friends over a quiet lunch and actually spent some time speaking to and enjoying the company of some great people.

So to @nixiekitty you’re amazing and I love you, @Riven16 great spending time with you again as always, last but not least @flipsideza & @Squidsquirt great meeting you guys… hope we can do it again sometime, rather looking forward to seeing the X Games in 3D.