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i adore my wife… as someone who is going through the joys of growing up as a husband, friend, brother, employee and believer in Jesus I thought putting down all the noise in my head might help me make sense of some of it.

… and along the way someone else might just realise they’re not alone in their “stuff” or even get some insight into which path to take in their own journey.

… other than that I am happily married to the most amazing woman alive, love to game (xbox and pc ftw), will read anything as long as its fantasy and have a desire to see peoples lives changed for the good – i’ll share my story on here sometime I’m sure.

… one last thing about what you read on this blog, if you disagree then you disagree, if it helps then hallelujah thats great news, either way whats really important is that you know one thing – Jesus loves you… there now you know!

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