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when in doubt keep quiet

August 7, 2010

Nothing nice to say? Don't say anything at all...I’ve been on a journey of ‘returning to basics’ the last while, looking at my faith not as a ‘moment I had’ several years ago, or a promise of some better future but rather as a change of perspective on how I see & live this present life.

When you get stuck on ‘I had an experience’ you become self righteous and a pain in the butt – yet when your focus is on who you are in relationship with rather than what you believe then there is a chance to make a difference in the world.

People are more open to being introduced to someone new than they are to something new. Someone new they can make their own (build their own relationship, forge their own bonds) but when introduced to a ‘what’ it’s parameters are already predefined leaving no room for the new person to make an impact or add value.

Enough rambling, back to the point of ‘basics’… I decided to live my life in a way that considers others and this has opened me to input from various avenues (see how nearly reading Gisele Bundchen’s breastfeeding blog sparked a train of thought), just moments ago I bit my tongue and let a childish comment die unspoken… the reward has been an absolutely great afternoon.

Then when I sat down at my pc after a late lunch (that I actually cooked ^_^) the image below jumped right out at me.

Nature can teach us to be better human beings

"Keep your trap shut Billy!"

It was a comic reminder of the overused yet invaluable saying “If you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all”

Allow all of God’s creation to cut through the mad schedule and self indulgent ‘me first’ mindset  of the world we live in… consider these words:

To make a difference to one life is worth a lifetime of effort.

Made me think. Made me smile. Made me share.


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