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I was about to read Gisele Bundchen’s blog

August 7, 2010

Gisele Bunchen and babyI found myself just about to read Giselle Bundchen’s blog and the area of interest, not any juicy wild party days, but rather her thoughts on breast feeding. When I realised this I stopped and asked myself the age old question… “Why”?

Simply put I have nieces and nephews who are still baby-young, I have pregnant colleagues and a sister who works for – what I want is to be able to add value to any conversations which may touch on newborns and this rather sensitive parenting topic.

So where does Giselle Bundchen come into this? Well I want to add value, to be heard not ignored and being a man with no children of his own disqualifies me from doing either of the aforementioned. Is it possible that referring to someone else’s experiences and a famous someone at that, I will get listened too?

This need to be heard is pivotal to our human experience (sic humanity) and being social creatures we all want to add value to the ‘herd’.

I’ve seen this at my work place where young intelligent talented people deliver subpar performances until they’re sat down and addressed on it one-on-one. Once they’re given personal attention, a place to share where they’re at, measurable deliverables and, finally, responsibility they shine! Is this a reinvention of themselves? No! It’s a revelation of the person who was always there but waiting to be recognized and validated.

In the Matthew 25 street outreach, a part of Face 2 Face Family Church, where we go onto the streets of our town and feed the homeless, share their stories and impart the hope we have in Jesus one of the most powerful things the homeless ever shared with us was this insight into their lives:

“I don’t mind being waved away from your window, but not looking at me robs me of what little humanity I have left. It steals my dignity. It makes me not a person.”

So whether you’re someone with profile and authority or someone sleeping on the streets with very little hope of changing your circumstances one message resounds throughout – “I want to be heard, I want to add value”.

Please let’s be kind to one another, recognize this common need and reach out to those who are the most likely not be heard.

“Love your neighbour as you love yourself” a simple truth, but never more necessary than in the noise of this modern life.


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