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it’s time to lift your eyes

May 31, 2010

Loving eyesMary was dragged half naked and despised before Jesus.

The men who dragged her only had one thing in mind – they wanted to destroy faith in Jesus, to prove Him powerless and a fool.

The only one truly who despised Mary and hated her most at that time was Mary herself. She knew the rules of the world she lived in, she had broken them and she was now going to pay the price that it demanded.

Jesus is not a fool and definitely not powerless and turned the self righteousness of her accusers back on themselves without getting too involved in their charade of righteous indignation… in fact the sand was of more interest to Him than they were.

Yet when it came to Mary Jesus got involved. When Mary finally lifted her eyes she found only love, she found a Jesus who cared. That day Mary came face to face with a Jesus who had waited only for her to lift her head and look in His eyes so he could tell her she was loved by the One who matters most.

Today He is waiting for each of us to reach that point in our lives.

You are who you are, you have done what you have done and, whether you believe it or not, all Jesus is waiting for is that precious moment you choose to lift your eyes to Him.

John 8:2-11

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