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blue print of leader

May 12, 2010

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When asked to share on the topic of calling, over and above a brief testimony of my own call to be a Teacher of the Word, I was drawn to the story of Esther.

Of all the characters in the story it was the enuch, Hegai, who stood out for me as a blue print of what is required of anyone who feels they are called to a leadership role in the church.

Be set apart…

To be a eunuch was to be cut off from the very thing which would define you. Your strength, ability to  reproduce, all was put aside by the swift stroke of a knife.

To be so for the Lord is to take your eyes off what you bring to the ministry. You may be charismatic, eloquent, even have a great education but if you do not rely on the Lord to lead you then all you will be is a charismatic, eloquent and well educated professional religionist.

Israel had plenty of those, the Pharisees, and Jesus called them vipers and white washed graves – untrustworthy, poisonous things and something which would defile anyone who came in contact with them.

Your talents are there to enhance the call upon our life, not become its center piece.

Know Him intimately…

Hegai was the one who knew the wants and the desires of the king more than any other. He was supposed to use that intimate knowledge to impart to the future bride all she would need to know in order to be found acceptable by her king.

In the same way all those called to pastor, teach, prophesy, evangelise or plant ministires all have the same mandate from our King; to prepare His bride to be wholly acceptable to Him.

Leaders, please put the Lord and your relationship with Him ahead of the temptation to focus on the “work of the Lord”.

You can only impart that which you have, the principle of giving forth after your own kind is seen all through out the scriptures, if you are not solely focused on Jesus and desire Him with all you have how will you ever prepare a Bride who is?

To quote John White we are to repent of “our lack of devotion to His person“. If you are not seeing your expression of the church falling more in love with Jesus, ask yourself how in love with Him are you?

Love the bride…

One of the things that jumped off the pages of Esther at me, as I started seeing Hegai as an model of a church leader, was how many times he failed not only the king he knew so intimately but also the potential brides he had been given charge over.

He knew the kings every desire, knew what it was that he wanted in a queen,yet time after time he sent woman after woman in to be with the king without ever preparing them to truly be his queen.  Too weak to stand for what the King finds righteous and holy they choose to let their churches do, say, act and live as they please without providing discipline and good counsel.

How many leaders fail the Lord and the Church because they simply lack the courage to truly lead.

Jesus warns of these pretend leaders who would do nothing but tickle the ears of the people, ulitmately leading them away from the true zoe life, life as God has it, which is available to all who would call on the Lord.

Hegai finally honours his king and fulfills his commission when he finds a love for the bride within himself.

In the same way leader, you have to truly love the bride you have charge over. Its only when your love for the Lord and your love for the church He has you placed in come together that you will truly be able to give your all in preparing ‘the bride’ to be all that her King longs her to be.

Whenever you deal with varying personalities there will be times of conflict, despite this you must have an overarching love for those you lead. If this is not the case you need to have the courage to ask the Lord if you are called to lead the ministry you are in or if you are indeed called to leadership at all.

References & resources:

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Ephesians 4:11
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Matthew 12:34-37
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Excellence in Leadership, John White

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