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a simple story of a visit

April 30, 2010

Adrian & Lynn from Bible Alive teaching MinistryFrom time to time Adrian Tamblyn-Watts’ blog moves away from writing about his life or theology, at these times he produces touching allegories… seemingly simple stories which actually house deep truths (an example would be C.S. Lewis’ Narnia series).

I’ve also heard Adrian minister in this way at Bible Alive Teaching Ministry and it is incredibly powerful… for this reason I was excited to find he had written a new allegorical blog post entitled Temple Visit… here is an excerpt: 

“As I went down the steps on the outside, it was as if the entire building sighed. I was sure I could hear voices within, not angry, not sad; in fact, I am not sure what emotion was being expressed – I just felt so loved, so wanted, so desired – yet, for today at least, so out of reach.”

If you enjoy good writing and are open to having your heart touched then I encourage you to read Temple Visit today.

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  1. U.A. permalink

    Thank you very much. I am somewhat humbled by your comments.

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