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April 29, 2010

Being someone with an unrealised/unhoned artistic ability I became an avid fan of, which is not some low brow porn site regardless of its url, a site where creatives of all genres, and skill levels, come together to share their art.

My problem to date has been that, as with any place where people have freedom of expression, there is an overabundance of blasphemy, general foul language and… nuditysmutartistic imagery.

Tip: The best way to avoid these art types is to not register an account but visit as a guest where it blocks out adult imagery as it has not age verified you. This so called security measure is baloney anyway but thats for a different day, for now they meet the legal requirements so thats that.

What I was blessed to find today was an artist who produced Bible based art work and posted uplifting Word based writings in his Journal.

If you’re interested in some great comic book Bible story art and reading someone who writes well about his faith please visit Eikonik at


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