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just go, you might enjoy yourself

April 26, 2010

excuse my thorns i do't mean itHad a great day today – I met some new people and had an enjoyable afternoon with them.

Not a grand proclamaition I know but it’s just that even though I am known to be someone who can speak to anyone, working in online media sales and being a bible teacher will give people that idea, the truth is I feel rather awkward when it comes to meeting new people.

The old adage of “the best defense is a good offense” rings true for me… not wanting to show my discomfort I usually spring into action making jokes and being silly, all in all being so noticeable that no one takes notice of me.

Well not today, thanks to my amazing wife I got meet some of her twitter friends over a quiet lunch and actually spent some time speaking to and enjoying the company of some great people.

So to @nixiekitty you’re amazing and I love you, @Riven16 great spending time with you again as always, last but not least @flipsideza & @Squidsquirt great meeting you guys… hope we can do it again sometime, rather looking forward to seeing the X Games in 3D.


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